Flu Season is Around the Corner - Get Your Flu Shot with Us

Every year, up to 20% of Americans catch the flu. This widespread viral illness can be life-threatening for particular individuals, especially young children, the elderly, and people with compromised immune systems. Even healthy people are at risk of developing complications due to the flu. 

Fortunately, you can do a lot to reduce your chances of contracting the flu, suffering further health problems, or passing the flu on to a vulnerable family member. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the No. 1 thing you can do to protect yourself and your family from the flu is to get a flu shot. 

Here at LibertyMed Health Group in Glendale, California, our primary care team can answer all of your questions about flu shots and other preventive care options. Dr. Ara Shafrazian and Dr. Arthur Babakhanians are here to help you and your family stay healthy throughout the flu season.

The flu vaccine helps prevent flu symptoms

Once infected with the flu, it’s common to have symptoms that arise rapidly and dramatically. A simple flu vaccine can reduce the incidence or severity of these effects:

These signs appear to be most often encountered by young children, the elderly, and those with immune problems. The flu can cause severe complications in vulnerable groups such as dehydration, sepsis, and pneumonia. Without proper care, these complications could lead to death.

A flu shot helps you avoid work and school absences

If you’re sick with the flu, it’s important to stay home from work and school and take it easy. This doesn’t just improve your chance of a full recovery — it helps you prevent spreading the infection to others. Some people suffer flu symptoms for a few days, but many can remain sick for up to two weeks.

A flu vaccine can prevent you from missing school, work, or even a scheduled vacation. In addition, the flu shot can help ensure a faster recovery and milder symptoms even if you do get the flu. 

Flu shots save lives

Thousands die as a consequence of the flu every year. Notably, children and elderly members of your family may suffer deadly complications from the flu. 

Recent strains of influenza have been especially lethal, sending growing numbers to the hospital. Although you may consider yourself to be a healthy person with a strong immune system, a flu shot can protect those around you with weaker immune systems. 

That’s why it’s so important to schedule a flu vaccine each year for the health and well-being of yourself and others. Especially with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, health experts are encouraging people to get this year’s flu shot so they can avoid the need for hospitalization due to severe flu symptoms.

Flu season generally lasts from October to March, so it’s important to get vaccinated as soon as possible. To get your flu shot, contact LibertyMed Health Group by calling us at 818-241-4129 or book a flu shot appointment online today.

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